India: Floods in Madhya Pradesh

People in the state of Madhya Pradesh have been struggling with one of the worst flood situations due to heavy rainfall for past few days. Rivers are over flowing, washing away bridges, breaching embankments, marooning villages. The state capital of Bhopal city has also reported extensive water logging. The slum dwellers of the city have been the worst affected. According to media sources (Indian Express), 22 people have died so far due to the floods and 9 persons are reported missing. An estimated 2,360 houses have been completely damaged and 17,236 houses have been partially damaged. A total of 332,400 persons have been affected due to floods in Madhya Pradesh. The Indian Meteorological Department, in Bhopal, predicted that there will be further rain and thunder showers are likely to occur at most places over Madhya Pradesh in next 24 hours, potentially exacerbating the situation.

Alerts_17_2016_Flooding in India – Madhya Pradesh