Armenia: Heavy Hailstorms

On the morning of Monday  10 September 2018, the district of Dsegh  (Lori) and Arapi, Voskehask and Harij (Shirak)  in mountainous regions in Armenia,  sudden heavy rainfalls and hailstorms swept away 130ha of crop in Dsegh,  185,8 ha – Arapi, 28,2ha- Voskehask, and 64,29ha – Harij villages. The dwellers lost 70 – 80% of their crop.  Local authorities have declared these regions in state of emergency due to the damages caused by the natural hazard and asked national and international organizations for support to the affected population. The Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development asked the Armenia Round Table Foundation for humanitarian assistance to help the affected communities. According to the official information from the Ministry the damage consists of 300 affected communities in 9 regions out of 10. More than 7000 ha of wheat, barley and grain, fruit, vegetables/orchards, and vineyards were damaged of which the damage in agriculture is valued at 8,7 billion AMD that is about 18,125,000 USD. Besides in 135 communities houses and structures are damaged. The hailstones and storm were so heavy that they broke the roofs and windows, the water down poured inside the houses.

Alerts_Hailstorms in Armenia