Brazil: floods in São Paulo

The state of São Paulo was hit by heavy summer rains that affected with greater severity the metropolitan area of the state capital. Between January 29 and 30, it rained from 80 mm to 170 mm in several areas of the central and eastern parts of the state. The 4-day accumulation was very close to the historical monthly average of rainfall. On the 1rst of February, because of this accumulation, the summer rain resulted in the displacement of more than 4,500 families in the 37 affected municipalities and 29 deaths. Among these deaths, 8 are children and 4 adolescents. There was also great infrastructures damage.

The highest number of deaths is concentrated in the municipality of Franco da Rocha, where there are also 7 people missing in the landslide area and who are still being searched for by volunteers and rescue teams.  The region of Franco da Rocha was the most damaged by the January rains. With 156.4 thousand inhabitants, Franco da Rocha is the third city in the metropolitan region of São Paulo with the most risk areas mapped. There are 382 points at risk of collapse or flooding, where around 19 thousand dwellings are located. The city of Franco da Rocha has issued an alert for the opening of the floodgates of a dam, as it has reached its safety limit, with 81.6% of its operational capacity.