Central America: Tropical Storm Nate

Tropical storm “Nate” formed on Thursday the 5th of October in the Caribbean off the coast of Nicaragua. The storm caused heavy rains and landslides throughout several countries in Central America. As of October 6th, the number of casualties rose to 28 and with 14 people reportedly missing. National Civil Protection systems were triggered and are responding with local coordination mechanisms.  Tropical storm Nate will continue its trajectory towards the north-eastern coast of the Yucatan peninsula on the evening of October 6th as it makes its way to the US Gulf Coast, where it is projected to make landfall as a hurricane.    According to data provided by the National Civil Protection Systems, the damage reported is as follow:

  1. Nicaragua: 11 deaths; Government has provided food supplies for more than 1,600 affected households; 11 departments/31 municipalities affected; More than 30,000 people affected. 5,953 damaged houses.
  2. Guatemala: 5 deaths, 3 missing; 2,749 people affected; 413 people rendered homeless.
  3. Costa Rica: 8 deaths, 11 missing; 3,921 people evacuated to 94 shelters; 419,868 people without water.
  4. Honduras: 3 deaths; 16 provinces on yellow alert; 143 affected people.
  5. Panama: 1 death; 150 affected homes; 750 people affected.

In Costa Rica, landslides caused significant damage to roads and villages, cutting off some areas. A highway that connects the south of the country was washed away in Casa Mata. At least 5,000 residents fled to emergency shelters there, according to The Associated Press. The Costa Rican government declared a state of emergency, and President Luis Guillermo Solís appealed to the international community for support.

Given the level of damages so far, the Costa Rica Forum through its local member ILCO (Lutheran Church in Costa Rica) is planning on submitting a funding proposal to provide Food aid, non-Food Items, WASH, Psychosocial Support. The Nicaragua Forum is assessing the situation in order to decide if they are going to respond.