Democratic Republic of Congo: Conflict in Kasai Province

The Kasai Provinces in the DRC are experiencing one of the most severe crisis in their history. Violent ethnic/tribal conflicts, fuelled by the brutal killing of the local tribal chief, Kamuina Nsapu and the subsequent calls amongst his followers to avenge his death. As a result, an unprecedented massive population displacement was reported within and outside the 5 provinces of the Great Kasai (Kasai, Kasai central, Kasai Oriental, Sankuru and Lomami). In June 2017, it was reported that 1.4 million people have been forced to flee from their homes, escaping violence. Approximately 33,132 people reportedly crossed the border to Angola when the crisis broke out. According to UNICEF’s August 2017 situation report, the fast and continued deterioration of security and worsening humanitarian situation is currently affecting 2.4 million people in the Kasai and surrounding provinces. The situation will likely worsen in the coming months if no actions are taken.

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