Malawi + Mozambique: Cyclone Freddy

Tropical Cyclone Freddy which is the longest-ever recorded cyclone, characterized by torrential rains, floods, and mudslides in Mozambique and southern Malawi has brought devastating effects. The Cyclone has caused severe flooding affecting homes, hampering access, and increasing the danger of flooding and death. Critical roads, electricity, and communication are destroyed in the most affected areas in Malawi and Mozambique. The floods and increasing water levels due to the rains are causing the displacement of people.  

Cyclone Freddy is a large-scale emergency that hit Malawi and Mozambique. Both countries’ governments are calling for international support. The persons affected are mainly poor rural farmers in both countries. 

he Cyclone has been razing buildings, damaging farmland, critical infrastructure (especially roads), and telecommunications, and causing severe flooding and landslides people have been forced from their homes and are displaced in schools and churches. Others are hosted by families. Livelihoods have been lost because the Cyclone has swept away/destroyed most farm crops and farmers were about to harvest their crops. Most farmers have also lost their livestock due to drowning.  

ACT Forum members in Malawi (CARD, ELDS) and ACT Forum member in Mozambique (DKH) are launching a regional appeal to respond to the effects of the Cyclone.

ACT Alert Malawi-Cyclone Freddy