DRC: Floods + Landslides

Heavy rainfall and flooding caused Rivers Lwaro and Nyamukubi in the Democratic Republic of Congo to burst their banks and cause flooding and severe landslides in the Mbinga geographic area of Buhavu the week of 1st-6th  May 2023, affecting at least 50,000.

At least 75% (4,000) of the houses in the territory of Buhavu were destroyed causing the death of 400 persons and injuring over 120 persons (OCHA, May 29); with 2,536 still missing according to the division and the Humanitarian Affairs Division (DIVAH) report of 13th  May 2023.

Schools and health centres were also swept away, and major roads and bridges have been destroyed or cut off thus affecting access/communication.

ACT Alliance DRC Forum national member EELCo-South Kivu is planning to respond with Rapid Response Funds to support the most affected Households.

DRC_ Flash Floods+Landslides