Kenya: Drought

Kenya’s President, Uhuru Kenyatta, declared on 9th February 2017 the on-going drought in Kenya as being a national disaster. The drought has affected 23 out of 47 counties that are all in a state of emergency.  The drought situation in Kenya is predicted to last until July 2017. The late start of rains, between the months of October and November, which were unusually brief and inadequate is the immediate cause of the current drought.  The drought has had devastating affects causing persistent and widespread deficit of water, food and vegetation for livestock and humans.

The numbers of affected population currently stands at 2.7 million people as of February, 2017. Most affected persons are from pastoral communities residing in Arid and Semi-Arid Northern Kenya counties. Already, livestock mortality rates are at 5%.  The drought has also affected crop producing regions with a predicted crop failure in coming months.

ACT Alliance Kenya Forum members through Finn Church Aid, Lutheran World Federation, Church World Service and National Council of Churches of in Kenya plans to respond by providing support to the affected communities in form of water facilities, food assistance, livestock and early recovery initiatives and education.

Alerts_07_2017_Drought Emergency in Kenya.