El Salvador: Hurricane Julia

Hurricane Julia affected the Central American region with the greatest impact on Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. In El Salvador, the effects of the tropical storm started on October 7th, but it officially entered in the early morning of October 10th. Up to date, the following impact and losses have been reported:

  • 397 rescues have been carried out, 162 obstructed roads are reported, 256 fallen trees, 112 landslides, 193 homes, and 10 vehicles affected, 15 floods, 134 river overflows, 1,110 evacuated, 10 deceased and 83 shelters have been activated.-
  • 90 shelters are available to the population, 83 are in use and, 678 families are sheltered, which is equivalent to 2,097 people.
  • Food insecurity due to the loss of all corn, beans, vegetables, and sorghum crops:
    • Lack of economic income due to the loss of small businesses.
    • Increased migration due to loss of jobs and housing.
    • Difficulty in getting around the communities to carry out their daily work activities due to the destruction of roads.

The ACT Forum El Salvador plan focuses on the recovery of the livelihoods of the most affected population, since there are considerable losses that if not addressed may cause food insecurity in many affected families, psychosocial support will also be provided to individuals and families that require it, based on the initial information obtained, the youth and child are the most affected population that needs to be addressed with CBCP. It is estimated that a budget of approximately 150,000.00 USD is required to develop and provide optimal care to the target population. To that extent, the ACT Forum El Salvador is foreseeing to apply for a RRF.