Colombia: Floods and Mudslides in Mocoa

Three main rivers overflowed due to the heavy rains, which was the cause of the massive slide of mud, rocks and water in the municipality of Mocoa in the southern part of Colombia.  Meteorological reports indicate that on the night of the slide (31st  March) the amount of rainfall was equal to 30 per cent of the monthly average for the zone. As rescue operations continue, it is feared that the toll of people affected will rise. So far 254 people have died and 220 are missing. Five educational institutions are damaged and 25 houses are destroyed. A morgue has been setup outside of the city of Mocoa. Authorities have set up three temporary shelters that are housing about 1,760 people. Seventeen neighbourhoods in the city of Mocoa have been affected, which has a population of 45,000 inhabitants. Water and electrical services are limited in the city and surrounding areas. The hospital network has also collapsed.