Malawi: Floods

Malawi is experiencing La Nina weather phenomena since onset of the rainy season and many Districts have received normal to above normal rainfall triggering flash floods in some of the Districts. Between 4th and 10th February 2017 heavy rains caused the worst flooding in Salima District in four Traditional Authorities of Ndindi, Pemba, Kambwiri and Maganga. A total of 35,304 people have been affected. 7,216 people have been displaced and are homeless and are dwelling in school blocks.

A total 1,827 hectares of land under crops  such as maize, rice, cowpeas, cassava and sweet potatoes have been washed away together with livestock such as goats and chicken. Household belongings such as food, clothing and kitchen utensils have also been washed away. No death cases have been reported so far but scores have been injured. The displaced population have no food, shelter, sanitary materials, clothing, blankets and kitchen utensils.

ACT Malawi Forum  is planning to respond through its members Churches Action in Relief and Development (CARD) and Evangelical Lutheran Development Service (ELDS) through a Rapid Respond Fund (RRF) in Salima District through provision of Non-Food Items(NFIs) and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene facilities.


Alerts_06_2017 Floods Emergency in Malawi