Zambia: Floods Emergency

Chama district one of the newly created districts and is divided into Chama North and South. Chama in Zambia is experiencing flooding of Kamphemba river resulting in destruction of hectares of crop fields and has so far destroyed 154 houses. Flooding is due to heavy down pour of rain that affected the area in a week, causing the area to experience severe flooding when Kamphemba river and other streams across the District burst their banks, destroying crops; washing away Kemphemba bridge. As a result, 1,748 families (Chama 901; Petuke 847) are left homeless.  In addition to floods, communities in Chikwa and Chifunda in Chama district, are also seriously affected by human wildlife conflict.

In Chama District, At least 491 HH are affected and 377 community members have been evacuated and are staying in schools, churches and camps. The government has established 3 Camps (Camp 1: Is hosting 402 affected HHs, Camp 2 (Kapala Konje), Is hosting 192 affected HH and Camp 3 (Katangalikala); Is hosting 201 affected HH hosted in Churches and Schools around Katangalikal. In Petauke District Sandwe, at least 847 households (45 villages) and at least 409 households in Chibale. All 28 villages are affected by floods with 409 houses are heavily soaked and with 40 structures cracking and at risk of collapsing.

The ACT Zambia Forum is planning on submitting a funding proposal to provide shelter, WASH, food, psycho-social support, and livelihood restoration to ensure that the floods affected persons’ basic needs are met.

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