Bangladesh: Floods in Northern and Central region

As of 30th July 2016, 14 people have died and over 340,000 households in 16 districts have been severely affected by the continuing heavy rains during the last few days which has caused floods in Northern – Central parts of Bangladesh.  The continuing downpour and rising waters have now exacerbated an already bad situation.

As of 1st August 2016 (reliefweb),  the rivers Dharla, Ghagot, Brahmaputra, Jamuna, Gur, Atrai, Dhaleswari, Lakhya, Kaliganga, Dhaleswari, Padma and Titasare have been all flowing above the danger level by 62 cm on average and in some places as high as 137 cm.

According to Flood Forecasting & Warning Centre and Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWBD), rising water level in several major rivers will keep exacerbating the flood situation in the next 24 – 48 hours particularly in the low lying areas adjacent to Rajbari, Manikganj, Munshiganj and Sariotpur districts as well as Dhaka city.