Haiti: Earthquake

On the early morning of Saturday, the 14th of August 2021 at 8:30am, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit the Southern peninsula of Haiti with Petit Trou de Nippes as the epicenter of the earthquake. The vibration was felt all over the country and as far as Jamaica.  Aftershocks are still happening with more than three registering more than 6.2 magnitude in the Richter scale. About 1,297 deaths were initially reported and more than 5,000 people injured according to the civil protection direction (DPC). About 7,369 houses have been destroyed and 4,852 houses damaged in the three departments of the Sud, Grand Anse and Nippes. Several public buildings such as schools, churches, hotels, and private enterprises have also collapsed. More than 14,000 families have been affected in the three departments.). Some affected areas have lost access to electricity, communication, water, transportation access (by air and land), and in some cases, food sources. The Haitian government has started to deploy rescue and assistance to the affected areas.

Tropical Storm Grace is also predicted to hit the country in the morning of the 17th of August 2021 making the situation worse. The storm may have devastating impact on the people already affected by the earthquake. While last month, Haiti’s president was assassinated, causing turmoil in the country.

ACT Alliance is currently monitoring the situation and is supporting local partners to carry out rapid needs assessments in affected areas. Emergency teams are preparing to be deployed. The forum plans to raise an appeal pending their needs assessment analysis.

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