Horn and East Africa: Drought

The Horn and East Africa region has been hit by a severe drought affecting Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya.

The rains in October -December 2020 were below average in addition the rains in March-May and October to December of 2021 were also below average while the current rains March-May 2022 are scanty and below average. The situation is now moving to a critical stage.

With drought being cyclic in Kenya, Ethiopia, and Somalia, there have been close to three and in some areas, four failed rainy seasons.

In Ethiopia, 5.5-6.5million people are affected, in Kenya 2.8million are affected and in Somalia, 6 million people are affected[1]. The food security situation of these populations falls between integrated phased classification (IPC) of 3-4 bordering on catastrophic phase. The populations in phase 3 are rapidly moving into an emergency and crisis phase of IPC 4 due to the livestock losses and stretched coping mechanisms.

Country forums from Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya are submitting a regional appeal to respond to the drought.

Horn and Eastern Africa_Drought