India: Assam Floods

In May 2022, rains started in the state of Assam and resulted in flooding in 27 districts of the state. Approximately 670,000 people were affected by the floods during this first wave. Continued rainfall due to monsoon season in the catchment areas of the main rivers of Assam (Brahmaputra, Barak and their tributaries) since the second week of June resulted in an increase in water levels in all the major rivers in the state and also landslides.

The flood situation remains to be grim on 4 July with the total death toll to 179. Local government stated a total of 17 embankments, 486 roads and 14 bridges were damaged. 1,618 villages were under water and 47,198.87 hectares of crop areas were damaged across Assam. Damage to infrastructure is feared to cause long-term impacts, such as disruptions to supplies of clean water, wastewater treatment, electricity, transport, communication, education and health care.

ACT India Forum members plan to respond to the needs of the affected people through the Rapid Response Fund.

ACT Alert India Assam Floods