India: Floods in Chennai and Tamil Nadu

On the morning of Friday the 3 November 2017, the state of Chennai, Tamil Nadu in India, was severely affected by a low pressure area that had formed over Sri Lanka and South West Bay of Bengal bringing heavy and incessant rain falls to Chennai and Tamil Nadu. This has exacerbated the flooding caused by rains since Thursday. Fishermen venturing into the sea have been warned and advised not to go into the sea for fishing. North east monsoon is strengthening and officials have predicted more rain and thunder showers to continue for next three days in most places over the northern coast, Southern Tamil Nadu including Chennai city.

The southern district of coastal Tamil Nadu have recorded heavier showers in last 24 hours.

According to local authorities five people are recorded to have died due to heavy rain related incidents. Two eight year old girls were electrocuted while playing outside their home in Kodungaiur as the electricity lines fell into the water.

The floods have put the district in a state of crisis. The flood affected persons find themselves in a desperate situation, with many unmet vital humanitarian needs such as access to: food, safe shelter and non food items. The rains and the flooding has meant that people have lost their livelihoods and dependent on external support. There is need for sufficient food, safe shelter and basic non-food items. The dire situation is further compounded for the flood affected people with vulnerabilities especially for those people discriminated because of caste. The government has initiated 115 relief distribution centers which is not enough to reach to all the slums areas in Chennai city and remote villages. There is a pressing necessity to provide immediate assistance.