Uganda: Influx of South Sudanese refugees

On July 9th renewed clashes broke out in the South Sudanese capital of Juba due to a reported power struggle between the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) in the government and the SPLA opposition. Hundreds of people have been killed in the fighting between rival armed groups, raising fears of a slide back into full blown conflict. The recent clashes have triggered ¬†massive influx of South Sudanese refugees into Adjumani Refugee Settlement in Uganda. Majority of the refugees are entering through Elegu Border Point which is managed by Lutheran World Federation (LWF). Following the days of the clashes in Juba (July 12th 2016) Elegu Border Point has received over 14,100 new arrivals with about 13,000 of them arriving between the three day period of 17th and 20th of July. Refugees cite the fragile security situation, fighting, torture, forceful recruitment of youths, looting of properties and hunger as reasons for fleeing to Uganda. Women and children constitute 90 percent of new arrivals.


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