Iraq Protracted Crisis

Iraq is facing a protracted humanitarian crises caused by the ISIS conflict that occurred from 2014-2018 and the subsequent forced displacement of over 6 million people. While it has now been four years since the liberation from ISIS, the impacts of the conflict remain significant across the country, with continued displacement, destruction in basic infrastructure, continued violent conflict and insecurity, protection violations, and lack of livelihoods opportunities which has been further exacerbated by the political and economic crisis in Iraq. Moreover, according to the UNEP (2022), Iraq has been ranked at the 5th most affected country by climate change in the world. Temperatures are soaring to new extremes as degrees above 50°C are becoming common, compounding the situation further into a complex humanitarian crisis.

ACT Iraq forum is preparing an appeal to respond to the needs of the affected communities. ACT members: HIA and LWF are getting ready for a response to provide durable solutions to the protracted humanitarian crisis in this complex environment with focus on sectors of WASH, Livelihoods (food security and agriculture), Protection and Social Cohesion.

Alert- Iraq Protracted Crisis