Iraq: Support to IDPs and Host Communities

The current crisis in Iraq has begun in June 2014, when militants of the Islamic State (ISIS) seized control of over one third of Iraq’s territory within a few weeks. With the help of international forces, Iraqi Security Forces, the Kurdish Peshmerga and various armed groups, engaged in the fight against ISIS. After several successful offensives against the ISIS-held territories, the government of Iraq declared the end of war against ISIS on 9 December 2017. The victory was expected to further motivate internally displaced people (IDPs) to return to their places of origin, as well as halt any new large-scale displacements. However, a referendum held on Kurdish independence on 25 September 2017 has triggered conflict between the government of Iraq and the Kurdish regional government. Although the new system of territorial control seems to have stabilized, economic effects of the ongoing political dispute are likely to negatively affect vulnerable populations.

Call-4-Action IRAQ_final document_13 12 2017

As part of the revision of the ACT Alliance Humanitarian Response Mechanism, a “Call for Action” is essentially the same as an “Alert”, but it applies to Complex emergencies only (category 3 in the ACT Revised Humanitarian Mechanism). For further information on the Revised Humanitarian Response Mechanism, please refer to its online toolkit: