Japan: Typhoon Hagibis

Typhoon Hagibis made landfall to Japan on 12th October 2019, and widespread flooding and landslides were observed in many parts of central Japan.  In two days, the typhoon brought 30-40% of the annual rainfall, and maximum category of warning (category 5: do whatever it takes to save your lives) have been issued to 13 prefectures.  Evacuation warning was given to more than 7 million people.  In many areas, a record-high rainfall was observed.  As of 14th October, 61 people have died; 15 missing; and 211 injuries reported (based on reports from Japan’s news agencies).  Over 300,000 houses are out of electricity. 181 rivers in 8 prefectures breached, and water inundation still continues.

ACT Japan Forum through Church World Service (CWS Japan) and the National Christian Council in Japan (NCCJ), are communicating closely with its partners particularly in Tateyama city of Chiba prefecture and Fukushima prefecture, and discussions are ongoing on collaborative response within ACT Forum Japan, including emergency supplies and skilled labor force to assist the recovery process of the vulnerable households – particularly elderly households without younger members of the family.  NCCJ may access ACT’s Rapid Response Fund.

Alerts Japan Typhoon Hagibis