Jordan: Humanitarian Crisis

On 7 October 2023, Palestinian militant groups launched a major attack on Israel from the Gaza Strip. The attack included rocket barrages and vehicle-transported attacks across the border on Israeli communities and forces. In response, the government of Israel declared a state of emergency and war. The Israeli military retaliated by conducting a counteroffensive and an extensive aerial bombardment campaign on Gaza followed by an invasion.

This conflict created a short term crisis for families from Gaza Strip, around 115 families, who were visiting Jordan for family reasons, and university students, around 30 students, who is studying in Jordan and got stuck due to the boarder’s closure who were not able to return back to Gaza which forced them to stay in Jordan with no source of income required in paying their housing rent, securing their daily needs of food and non-food items, medication, and university tuition fees for the students who are already studying at the Jordanian universities and lost all financial support to continue their studies. Adding to that the crises created a negative impact on psychological wellbeing of those who got stuck in Jordan creating the feeling of insecurity and stability.

ACT Jordan Forum member DSPR is preparing an RRF for responding to the urgent needs with special focus on people who have been directly affected by the current conflict in Gaza.

ACT Alert- Jordan Humanitarian Crisis