Jordan: Humanitarian Crisis

It is estimated that 1.3 million Syrian refugees live in Jordan today. Approximately 85 per cent of them lives in the host communities, while more than 139,000 lives in two main  camps, Za’atari and Azraq. According to UNICEF, 86% of Syrian refugees outside camps in Jordan live below the poverty line. Most Syrian families rely on humanitarian assistance to meet their basic needs at a time of aid cuts and economic downturn compounded by the coronavirus pandemic.  Due to COVID-19, many refugees and local Jordanian lost their jobs. This had impact on lack of food and make a high pressure on the families in Jordan, and many of the host communities lost their jobs. The total number of positive tested people in the country are 198 thousand, with 2,442 associated deaths.

While poverty and unemployment rates were already high prior to the onset of COVID-19, Syrian refugees and vulnerable Jordanians face even greater challenges in earning a livelihood, covering basic needs such as food, protection and accessing key services as healthcare.

Alert-Humanitarian crises in Jordan