Kenya: Floods Emergency

Kenya has experienced heavy rains in the recent months across the country, affecting over 144,000 people in 25 counties.

According to preliminary findings by the Kenya Red Cross Society and the Government’s National Disaster Operation Centre (NDOC), the floods have claimed the lives of 48 persons, left 17,000 people displaced and also affected 200,000 refugees living in settlements in Dadaab.  With the current weather forecasts, which predict heavy rains until the end of November, the NDOC expects these numbers to rise.

Affected villages and farms are submerged, causing massive displacement of families, and livestock. Crucial livelihoods of undetermined acreage are destroyed, which will heavily affect the food security situation across the country. Affected communities are exposed to water-borne diseases, and require food, shelter and safe water.

ACT Kenya forum is planning to submit a funding proposal to support flood-affected communities in Kenya.

Kenya_Flood Emergency