Kenya: Flood Emergency

During the night of Friday 2 March 2018, Nairobi County was  severely flooded. On this day, flooding caused displacement of households, interrupted transport, swept away bridges and caused the death of 11 people nationwide.

According to OCHA Flash update #1 of 25th April 2018, floods have displaced more than 211,000 people and reportedly killed 72; injuring 33 across Kenya since March 2018. Other sources confirm that floods have disrupted livelihoods with at least 8,450 acres of farmland submerged in water and more than 6,000 livestock killed in addition to destroying houses and damaging infrastructure (health facilities, schools and learning materials).

Floods have interrupted opening of schools in several counties as some school buildings are submerged or totally cut off.

The dire situation is further compounded for flood affected people with vulnerabilities, more specifically for woman and girls who are at a higher risk of gender-based violence in areas where displaced persons have sought shelter such as school’s compounds and other community centres.

ACT Kenya forum is planning to submit a funding proposal to provide food and non-food items and other essential needs to ensure that flood affected persons’ basic needs are met.

Kenya-Emergency Floods Alert.