Lebanon: Internal Displacement

Since the 8th of October 2023, exchange of artillery fire and rockets between Hezbollah and the Israeli army commenced, following the Israeli attacks on Gaza, and has been escalating on a daily basis since then.  Due to this escalation, several thousand families from South Lebanon have fled their homes to neighboring areas particularly Tyre.  As of 21st of November 2023, Lebanon has recorded 55,491 internally displaced persons (IDPs).  IDPs have sought safety in 429 locations (villages or neighborhoods) across 355 cadasters throughout Lebanon. Displacement has been observed in 25 out of the 26 districts across all eight governorates. Most of the IDPs (73%) are in five districts out of the total 25 districts hosting IDPs – specifically, Sour, El Nabatieh, Aley, Beirut, and Saida.

Damage has also been inflicted upon private property, public infrastructure, and agricultural land damaged by widespread fires ignited by the use of ammunition with incendiary effect.

In south Lebanon, 52 schools are closed, of which 17 are public, impacting more than 6,000 children who will need to explore alternative options for their education.

ACT Lebanon Forum member MECC is preparing an RRF for responding to the urgent needs with special focus on people who have been directly affected by the current conflict.

Alert – Lebanon – Internal Displacement