Lebanon – South of Lebanon Clashes

The escalating conflict in Gaza that started on the 7th of October has impacted the whole Middle East region, with cross-border incidents into Lebanon. Daily clashes have been reported over the Blue Line, the demarcation line on Lebanon’s southern border since 8th of October.

As conflict at Lebanon’s border with Israel continues to escalate, the South of Lebanon has been heavily affected by the ongoing cross border conflict and spillover of the Gaza crisis, with frequent clashes, airstrikes and, military operations leading to widespread destruction and loss of life. The escalation of hostilities has forced thousands of families to flee their homes, seeking safety in neighboring areas, makeshift shelters within the region, or moving to other areas in Lebanon. Thousands have lost their homes, possessions, and livelihood assets.

As of 12 March, 91,316 individuals (52% females) have been displaced from south Lebanon due to the ongoing hostilities along the Blue Line.  It is estimated that at least 60,000 persons have remained in border villages and are highly affected by exchanges of fire while having lost livelihoods and income and the situation becomes more acute.

ACT Lebanon Forum members Christian Aid, DanChurchAid, DSPR- JCC, Middle East Council of Churches (MECC)  and Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) are preparing an appeal for responding to the urgent needs with special focus on people who have been directly affected by the current conflict.

ACT-Alert-South Lebanon Response