Liberia: Flash floods

On the morning of Friday the 19 July 2019, the regions of Montserrado, Grand Cape Mount, Margibi, Bomi and Lofa counties in Liberia, received an extremely heavy downpour of rain causing flash floods and severe damage.

As a result of the flood, at least 187 homes have been damaged when rooftops were blown off. Reports from The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA ) indicate approximately 25,000 people are affected (NDMA, July 2019).  Several teams of first responders in Liberia including NDMA are conducting field assessments and working with government agencies and international partners to support affected persons and communities.

ACT Liberia Forum has been working in Liberia since 1997 and is now helping/planning to help people affected by the floods.

Liberia_Floods Alert