Madagascar: Cyclone Eloise

In the evening of Tuesday 19th January 2021, at 7.30 p.m. local time, the region of SAVA in Madagascar, was affected by an intense tropical cyclone from the Indian Ocean named ELOISE (Meteorological department Madagascar). Tropical cyclone Eloise came with winds reaching up to 100 Km/hour, touching  the south of Antalaha district. The cyclone has also brought heavy rains of 100mm over 24 hours to several districts in the North West coast of Madagascar. Homes have been damaged and agriculture land destroyed leaving a high possibility of landslides. The intense tropical storm is foreseen to pass the Region of Analanjirofo, Sofia, Boeny and Melaky.

The dire situation is further compounded for the cyclone affected people with vulnerabilities and those belonging to a lower cast. Affected households are living with limited food stocks.

ACT Madagascar forum member SAF/FJKM (The Church of Jesus Christ in Madagascar) is ready to respond, by providing basic immediate needs to the  affected persons in the coming weeks.

Madagascar_Cyclone Eloise