Madagascar: Cyclone Emergency

In the afternoon of Saturday the 14 March 2020, the region of Sambava situated in the North East of  Madagascar, was affected by a Cyclone (Herold).

Only 8 weeks after the last devastating storm damaged the West Coast of Madagascar, the island was struck by cyclone Herold, on the North-Eastern coast. Cyclone Herold was accompanied by heavy rains causing fast-rising floods, landslides and large spread inundations. Both disasters have had fatal consequences, especially in remote areas, where houses and harvest were damaged and lost.”

ACT Madagascar forum members are planning to provide 1 500 additional HH to the already existing ACT appeal MDG201 to ensure that the cyclone-affected persons’ basic needs are met with regards to improved access to safe water, provision of shelter and access to Food and Non-Food Items through distribution or most likely cash distribution.