Madagascar Cyclone Freddy

The strongest cyclone to make landfall in Madagascar in the last 12 months was “Freddy”. It reached a speed of up to 165 km/h near the city of Mananjary on February 21, 2023, at 21:00 (local time) and had a diameter of 5 km. According to the international classification, this corresponded to a category 2 cyclone. As a result, 6,465 houses are flooded causing displacement for 37,731 persons. Unfortunately, 07 persons have lost their lives.

ACT Madagascar national member SAF/FJKM (Church of Jesus Christ in Madagascar-FJKM) which has 59 branches over the areas affected by Cyclone Freddy is planning to support the displaced meet their basic needs through Rapid Response Funds.

Madagascar Tropical Storm Freddy