Madagascar: Cylone Belna.

In the afternoon of Sunday the 8 December 2019, cyclone Belna passed the region of the entire western coastline in Madagascar. While the eye of the cyclone moves near to the coast in the channel between Mozambique and Madagascar, the coastal areas of Madagascar are getting affected with heavy rains and wind up to 200 km/h.

The entire catchment of cyclone Belna has actual a width of 200 km and a rotating wind speed of approximately 150 km/h which is still speeding up (source Metrological Department for Madagascar).  As a result, the northwest of Madagascar is experiencing heavy rains and strong winds with a high possibility of flooding affecting very isolated areas with challenging road access. Tropical Cyclone Belna will bring impacts to Madagascar into the middle of the week and strong winds can result in damage to homes and cause significant power cuts and tree damage.

The cyclone is foreseen to develop up to category 4 and will touch land on December 9th somewhere between Mahajanga and Tulear, situated in the West / South West of Madagascar and pass the Southern part of the Island before leaving on the open Indian Ocean.

ACT Madagascar Forum members are planning to submit a funding request to respond to affected communities.

Madagascar_Cyclone Belna.