Mozambique:Tropical Cyclone Eloise

In the afternoon of Saturday the 23rd January 2021, the province of Sofala in Mozambique, was hit by a tropical storm ELOISE. Several parts of central Mozambique have been flooded after Cyclone Eloise struck near the port city of Beira with wind speeds of up to 160km/h.

Water levels were already high, even before the tropical cyclone made landfall, causing several rivers in the region to burst their banks.

More than 1,000 houses have been destroyed and another 3,000 badly damaged. It is reported that more than 160,000 people are already directly affected in Beira according to Mozambique’s National Institute for Disaster Management and Reduction.

Preliminary reports also indicate that nearly 7,000 people have been displaced and more than 5,000 houses have been destroyed, damaged, or flooded, in Buzi, Dondo and Nhamatanda, according to the preliminary data from the Government. These numbers could rise in the days ahead as the full extent of the damage becomes known.

Cyclone Eloise is heading towards Zimbabwe and bringing heavy rainfall to the far north of South Africa, and eastern Botswana.

ACT Mozambique Forum member CEDES are conducting assessments in the affected regions.

Mozambique_Tropical Storm Eloise