Nepal: Covid-19 Crisis

Second wave of COVID-19 in Nepal started from mid-April 2021 and the daily infection rate has intensely increased to almost 10,000 person per day from 300+ person per day within a month. There is no signal of slowing down of infection rate despite localized (district based) lockdowns called by the Government on 29th April 2021. Currently 72 districts (out of 77 districts) are under full lockdown situation. Nepal’s Prime Minister has already called for international assistance to help them with this crisis.

There is high influx of COVID-19 patients in national and provincial capitals and district headquarters, where large numbers of active cases are isolated in their own houses. The hospitals in district/provincial centres are already running out of oxygen, medicines, and medical supplies, and it is expected to further worsen and go out of control if the condition of in-house isolated case deteriorates and need of medical assistance increases. Nepal has limited production of medicines and medical supplies and largely depends on Indian production, and the supply from India market is totally disturbed as India is also affected by COVID-19.

ACT Nepal forum plans to raise an appeal and aims to start it response in the coming weeks with a plan to reach at least 200,000 households in provinces 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. The initial intervention will focus on supporting the health centres on emergency health support materials and equipment, communicating to the communities on COVID-19 prevention and control, increase access to health and hygiene facilities including COVID vaccine preparedness initiatives. Community based psychosocial service (CBPSS) will be mainstreamed in its intervention. ACT response will also support government and community run heath institutions to render quality and efficient health services to the infected cases. Cash based intervention (CBI) will be undertaken where feasible and applicable.

Alert Nepal Covid Crisis