Burkina Faso: Armed Conflict

21 May 2019

Since 2015, communities in Burkina Faso have experienced armed attacks that have resulted in internal displacement. In December 2018, the number of IDPs was 39,000 (Cf. OCHA, Burkina Faso: Humanitarian Snapshot of 6 May 2019). Since January 2019, communities in various localities have hosted some IDPs while the others (149,000) are registered in the four […]

India: Cyclone Fani

02 May 2019

Extremely severe cyclone Fani (pronounced, ‘Foni’) will likely cross the State of Odisha, between Gopalpur and Chandabali on the afternoon of 3rd May.  The Indian government is expecting strong winds and heavy rainfall with maximum wind speed of more than 150.  Pacific Disaster Center estimates that about 16.7 million people will be severely affected with […]

Peru: Floods and landslides

01 May 2019

Heavy rainfall has been affecting southern Peru (particularly Arequipa, Moquegua, Tacna and Ica Regions) since February, causing rivers to overflow, triggering floods, landslides and mudslides. According to media reports, as of 13 February, ten people were killed, 1 800 injured and approximately 8 000 affected. Media reported 51 deaths and 79 injured people. Furthermore, 228 […]

Bolivia: Floods

30 Apr 2019

Heavy rains have affected different regions in Bolivia. Overflowing rivers and floods have been reported in Alto Beni, Palos Blancos, Guanay, Rurrenabaque, Riberalta, Villa Montes, Cutaiqui, San Borja and San Buenaventura. According to the Ministry of Defense reports, 79 municipalities (of 338 in the country) are under a state of disaster and 25 are under […]

Tanzania: Rain Storm Emergency.

18 Apr 2019

In Tanzania, the locations of Same and Morogoro were hit by a heavy rainstorm accompanied by heavy winds in early March 2019. In both locations, there was massive destruction of roofs (houses, government institution facilities, churches and mosques) and massive destruction of food on farms, many livestock were lost.   To date, the affected displaced […]

Malawi: Cyclone Idai

21 Mar 2019

On the morning of Friday the 15 March 2019, storm IDAI made landfall near Beira in Mozambique and brought strong winds and caused severe flooding in South-eastern Malawi. Since then, the Southern and Central region of Malawi has been affected by consecutive days of torrential, continuous rains and severe flooding. As of 16 March, the United […]

Mozambique: Cyclone Idai

20 Mar 2019

Heavy rains caused by powerful tropical Cyclone Idai hit the central and northern regions of Mozambique from 14th March 2019, leading to massive floods and leaving at least 202 people dead, according to the President of Mozambique, Filipe Nyusi. The death toll is expected to rise in the coming days. The situation is likely to […]

Zimbabwe: Cyclone Idai

20 Mar 2019

On the morning of Friday the 15 March 2019, the province of Manicaland in Zimbabwe was hit by Cyclone Idai, causing massive floods that destroyed houses, swept away fields, uprooted trees, and demolished bridges. Cyclone Idai has triggered a massive disaster in Southern Africa affecting hundreds of thousands of people, with widespread flooding and devastation […]

Malawi: Floods Emergency (Alert).

13 Mar 2019

On the morning of Wednesday, the 6th March 2019, the Southern region of Malawi, was affected by severe flooding and put in a state of crisis. On Friday 8 March 2019, the President of Malawi, Arthur Peter Mutharika, declared a State of Disaster in areas affected by the heavy rains and flooding. Already over 74,500 people are affected and more […]

Lake Chad: Humanitarian Crisis (Call for Action).

20 Feb 2019

The Lake Chad Basin is facing one of the most severe humanitarian crisis of our time. The area includes parts of Nigeria, Niger, Chad, and Cameroon now home to 2.5 million displaced persons (IDPs, refugees, and returnees). There are at least 10.7 million people suffering hunger and malnutrition, subjected to extreme hardship caused by poverty, […]

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