India: Tropical Cyclone Gaja

22 Nov 2018

During the night of Thursday the 15th  November 2018, the state of Tamil Nadu in India, was affected by the Gaja Cyclone. Severe cyclonic storm “Gaja” crossed between Pondicherry and Nagapattinam with wind gusts up to 120 kilometres speed per hour. Nagapattinam, Cuddalore, Tiruvarur, Tanjavur, Pudukottai and Karaikal Districts are the most affected by this […]

Vanuatu: Volcanic Eruption in Penama Province

20 Nov 2018

During the night of Friday on 22nd September 2017, the province of Penama in Vanuatu, was elevated to an Alert Level 4 ‘Moderate eruption state’ due to elevated activity of Manaro volcano on the island of Ambae. On Thursday 28th  September 2017,  a State of Emergency was declared for the entire island and a full, […]

Cameroon: Humanitarian Crisis

14 Nov 2018

Since December 2016, the two English speaking regions of Cameroon (South West and North West Regions) have been experiencing an alarming and growing situation of unrest and uncertainty. Following decades of marginalization, a strike by lawyers and teachers in October 2016 has degenerated into a severe socio-economic, political, and humanitarian crisis, disrupting education and leading […]

DRC: Kasai Emergency

12 Nov 2018

In the morning of Monday the 15 October 2018, the region of Kasai in the Democratic Republic of Congo, was faced with a fast-developing humanitarian situation following the expulsion of more than 257,872 Congolese from Angola between 1st and 15th October 2018. In a media briefing in Geneva, the UNHCR indicated that Congolese people are […]

Syria: Humanitarian Crisis

09 Nov 2018

By 31 October 2018, the Syria crisis remains the largest refugee crisis with 5,631,309 registered refugees by UNHCR in Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq and Egypt.  While UN agencies reports on    Syria reflect that amidst an intensification of hostilities in multiple locations notably Idleb, Afrin, East Ghouta, southern Damascus, northern rural Homs and parts of north […]

Iraq: Humanitarian Crisis

08 Nov 2018

The current crisis in Iraq began in June 2014, when militants of the Islamic State Iraq and Syria (ISIS) seized control of over one third of Iraq’s territory within a few weeks. Iraqi Security Forces (ISF), the Kurdish Peshmerga and various armed groups engaged in the fight against ISIS, and finally recaptured Ramadi in February […]

Armenia: Heavy Hailstorms

08 Nov 2018

On the morning of Monday  10 September 2018, the district of Dsegh  (Lori) and Arapi, Voskehask and Harij (Shirak)  in mountainous regions in Armenia,  sudden heavy rainfalls and hailstorms swept away 130ha of crop in Dsegh,  185,8 ha – Arapi, 28,2ha- Voskehask, and 64,29ha – Harij villages. The dwellers lost 70 – 80% of their […]

DRC: Ebola Emergency

06 Nov 2018

On 1st August 2018, an outbreak of Ebola virus was confirmed in Mabalako Health Zone in Mangina village situated in Beni Territory, North Kivu Province of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The official declaration of the epidemic by the National Ministry of Health initiated a response from WHO and other organizations from the health sector […]

Uganda: Landslide Emergency

16 Oct 2018

In the afternoon of Thursday the 11 October 2018, the mountainous eastern district of Bududa in Uganda was hit by a series of landslides which also caused massive flooding following torrential heavy rains. As a result, 5 villages have been washed away in the district of Bududa and confirmed reports indicate that 40 bodies have […]

Central America: Floods and landslides

08 Oct 2018

Heavy rains from two low pressure systems along Central America and the Caribbean affected Central American countries since October 4 , resulting in flash floods and mudslides across western Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica and the coast of Guatemala.  As of early Monday, October 8 , at least 13 deaths have been reported (6 […]

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