Peru: Floods and landslides

Heavy rainfall has been affecting southern Peru (particularly Arequipa, Moquegua, Tacna and Ica Regions) since February, causing rivers to overflow, triggering floods, landslides and mudslides. According to media reports, as of 13 February, ten people were killed, 1 800 injured and approximately 8 000 affected. Media reported 51 deaths and 79 injured people. Furthermore, 228 houses have been destroyed, 26 bridges have been demolished and several roads have been blocked by torrential rain and landslides.    On March 28 and 29 respectively the National Institute of Civil Defense (INDECI) declared a state of emergency for the provinces of Chanchamayo and the districts of Palca and (province of Tarma) and the district of Ulcumayo (province of Junin respectively).  On 17 April 2019, the Peru National Emergency Operations Center (COEN), reported landslides in the municipalities of Cajabamba and Distrital de Cachachi in the Cajamarca Region occurred on Monday, 15 April; families and communication networks were affected.   As of 4 April, at 8.00 UTC, media report that in Junin Region (central Peru) eleven people have been reported dead and at least 1 800 have been affected by the overflowing of rivers Chanchamayo, Paucartambo and Perené. Up to 30 houses have been reportedly destroyed and over 500 have been flooded.  Intense rainfall has been registered in San Martin Region (northern Peru), where the overflowing of the river Huallaga has affected 228 people and flooded 70 buildings, heavy rain, strong winds and thunderstorms are still expected and could affect mainland Peru, from the central areas to the south. A Level 4 warning has been issued for several districts in Arequipa, Puno, Tacna and Cuzco regions (southern Peru).    The government extended the state of emergency in several districts of the Huánuco and Pasco regions, due to disasters caused by mudslides and landslides due to heavy rains, with the purpose of continuing with the execution of immediate and necessary actions, response and rehabilitation that correspond. This extension is valid for 60 days, counting from April 17.

The ACT Alliance Forum through DIACONIA Peru and the Methodist Church are willing to provide emergency relief to  the affected community of Pucharini.  The Forum is currently is preparing a response proposal based on a quick needs assessment. Coordination meetings are taking place at country level, in coordination with ACT Secretariat Regional Office,