Peru: Floods, hailstorms and heavy rains in Cusco and Puno

During the night of Tuesday the 18 February 2020, the province of Quispicanchis, Cusco and Huancané, Puno in Peru, was affected by hailstorm and heavy rains resulting in damage and loss of crops such as potatoes, corn, wheat, quinoa, fava beans, barley, edible plants that are the main sources of food and income. Additionally, houses and animal sheds have been affected in their roofs and walls, putting in danger the life and health of approximately 1,500 peasant families, especially the ones with children under five years-old and the elderly. This situation is continuing and has caused the collapse of some house walls and animal sheds, calamine’s of the rooftop are broken allowing the downpour get into the houses and damaging mattresses and house stuff, and causing respiratory diseases in children and elderly people.

Peru Floods Hailstorm and heavy rains in Cusco and Puno