Philippines: Multi-Disasters

The Philippines has been seeing a succession of disasters since December 2019 that have so far affected about 5.7 million people across the country.  Overall these have taken a significant toll on the capacities of the government and other actors to support the affected population. All three major island groups have been hit: typhoon and volcanic eruption in Luzon, typhoon in Visayas, and earthquake in Mindanao.  Across these areas, it has been difficult for affected people to restore their assets particularly their homes and livelihoods. The government estimates that almost USD 2 million worth of agriculture have been affected and economic losses of more than USD60 million, and the situation is not expected to improve very soon.

ACT Philippines Forum plans to submit a single Appeal for these disasters with NCCP as lead requesting member. The ACT Appeal will define a comprehensive and strategic approach for responding, considering the multiplicity of needs in a wide geographic location and mindful of the limited resources and capacities available within the ACT Forum.

ALERT Philippines Multi Disasters