Bangladesh: Rohingya Refugee Crisis

On the morning of Friday the 25 August 2017, the state of Rakhine in Myanmar, conflict broke out disproportionately affecting the minority Rohingya community as a result of operations of the Myanmar military and other non state actors in response to attacks on three border posts on the border of Myanmar and Bangladesh allegedly by a group of Islamic militants leading to the death of nine policemen.  The extent and degree of implications and sufferings of people fleeing the ongoing violence still remains uncertain. Though incidents of violence against the Rohingya community are being constantly reported by the media and other sources, the Myanmar government officially have denied such events. To date, estimations based on consolidated field reports of the agencies working in Cox’s Bazar are that 370,000 people are estimated to have crossed the border into Bangladesh seeking refuge from the violence of Myanmar military and local Rakhine communities.

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