Somalia: Flood Emergency

Moderate to heavy Deyr seasonal rains, which started in early October in many parts of Somalia have continued to be received across the country.

The regions of Gedo, Nugaal and Hiran in Somalia are the most affected, with these regions heavily flooded.

Recent updates by Somalia NGO consortium indicate that over half a million people have been affected by floods and an estimated 370,000 people have fled homes submerged in floodwater.

The Ethiopian highlands, where the Juba and Shabelle rivers originate, also received moderate to heavy rains over recent weeks causing flooding in the neighbouring districts according to FAO-Managed Somalia Water and Land Information Management (SWALIM).  Farmland, schools, homes and roads have been destroyed, and livelihoods disrupted in some of the worst-hit areas.

ACT Somalia Forum members (DKH and NCA) are planning to submit an appeal in response to supporting affected communities.

Somalia_ Floods Alert.