Somalia: Floods

Somalia has experienced massive floods due to intense and heavy above normal rains. The heavy rainfall has caused river water levels to rise rapidly resulting to flooding.

Somalia’s government has declared a state of emergency as almost 100 lives are lost across the country and 700,000 people made homeless.

The rains, which started on 4th October 2023, are characterized as El Nino induced weather conditions and have affected all regions of Somalia. It has rained consistently and continuously during the months of October to November 2023. The heavy rains are predicted to last until April 2024 (ReliefWeb, 2023). 

ACT Somalia Forum Members, NCA, Diakonia Sweden, LWF, DKH, FCA are planning to raise an appeal in the sectors of WASH, Food Security and Livelihoods (FSL) and Education to support the affected.

Somalia Floods