South Sudan: Floods Emergency

The South Sudan States of Upper Nile, Jonglei, Unity, Northern Bahr el Gazal and Eastern Equatoria have been seriously affected by flooding, caused by heavy continuous rains.

On October 27, 2019, the government of South Sudan declared the flooding situation a state of emergency in most affected areas. The floods have affected over 900’000 people with estimated 420’000 people displaced and in need of immediate emergency assistance.

In addition, the floods have destroyed 20,000 metric tons of food, caused houses, water points, pit latrines, and school shelters to collapse. Infrastructure damage has been caused, and livelihoods (crops and livestock) have been swept away.  Affected populations are hindered access to basic services by the floods (UN OCHA-Report November 5, 2019).

The Government, United Nations and Non-governmental organizations are responding to the immediate needs of affected persons and coordinating a response in affected locations.

Affected communities face problems of access and availability of food, safe shelter & Non Food Items. Diseases like malaria and water-borne diseases are a threat due to the breeding of mosquitoes and contamination of water because of submerged pit latrines and poor sanitation.

South Sudan ACT forum members will submit an appeal in response to floods.

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