Iraq: Support to IDPs following Mosul military operation

On October 17 2016, Mosul retake operation begun and the humanitarian partners in Iraq have estimated that up to 1.5 million additional people may be impacted. According to UNOCHA Flash Appeal, civilians on the west bank of the Tigris River are likely to flee southwards to Tikrit, where limited services are available. A significant number of families will probably flee northwards toward the Syria-Iraq border and to Iraqi Kurdistan. Displacement towards Tel Afar is also expected. The most immediate needs will be for water, food, emergency shelter, and medical assistance. UN has identified 4 zones of potential displacement locations: 1) Erbil, Duhok (Kurdistan); 2) Zummar, Rabea (Ninewa); 3) Tal Afar (Ninewa); 4) Tikrit (Salah Al Din).  ACT Alliance members will respond to these needs.