Tanzania: Floods

Floods that started on 17th October 2023 in Manyara region (northeastern), Kagera and Mwanza regions (northwestern) in Tanzania, linked to the El Nino phenomenon characterized by heavy, excessive. continuous rain that have triggered floods and landslides. The excessive rains have resulted in death, injury and destruction of homes, farms and public property.

Flood affected families have been left without food, safe water, shelter, and household items.

School classrooms and health structures are also destroyed, and this may disrupt access to education and health services. There has also been a rise of infectious diseases as the flood water is infected.

Due to the heavy rains, some communities remain isolated due to the increase in the flow of rivers and streams.

Three national members, Council of Churches of Tanzania (CCT), Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania (ELCT)  and Tanganyika Christian Refugee Services (TCRS)  are planning to respond to the effects of the floods.

Tanzania Floods