Uganda: Hunger Crisis

Located in the northeast of Uganda, Karamoja is one of the poorest regions in Uganda, with income poverty at 66% (having increased from 61% in 2017) and food poverty at 75% has increased from 70% in 2017 (UBOS: UNHS 2019/20).

This year, the Karamoja region has suffered widespread crop losses and harvest failure due to delayed rains resulting in hunger. The area is suffering a prolonged drought since 2020. The hunger situation is made worse by attacks from plagues of locusts and armyworms all of which have affected crop production in the region during the past 2 years.

ACT Uganda national forum member Church of Uganda (CoU) is proposing to provide food initially, then support affected communities to reduce Gender Based Violence and increase protection. In the medium to long term, CoU plans to support farmers in farming (conservation farming) and environment protection.

Uganda_Hunger crisis