East Africa Regional Floods Appeal-EAR 231

Kenya and Tanzania are witnessing widespread flooding attributed to the El Nino phenomenon, leading to the loss of lives, livelihoods and causing displacement.

According to the Government of Kenya nearly 950,000 people across the country are affected, close to 89,000 households (534,000 people) are displaced and 160 people have lost their lives.

According to the latest information from UNOCHA the death toll due to flooding and mudslides in Tanzania has risen to 88 persons, with 139 injured and 5,600 people affected according to the Tanzania government official report on 11th December 2023.

Members of ACT Kenya Forum (NCCK, KELC, CWS) and members of ACT Tanzania Forum (ELCT, TCRS, CCT) are planning to response to the floods through a regional appeal.


EAR 231 Floods Response

Consolidated Results Framework-Kenya Tanzania