Karabakh conflict in Nagorno, Armenia – RRF Nr.1/2016

Heavy fighting erupted between Armenian and Azerbaijan forces on 2 April along the southern, south-eastern and north-eastern parts of the line of contact in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict zone. This is the largest fighting since the ceasefire agreement of 1994. As of 05.04.2016 official sources from the government of Armenia state that 29 soldiers and 3 civilians (among them a 12 year old school boy) have died and 101 are injured (including 2 children); and 28 announced for missing in action as a result of the fighting. Unofficial sources estimated this number to be higher. Seriously, wounded soldiers are being moved to Armenia.

The fighting was most prominent near the villages of Agdere (Martakert), Khojavend (Martouni) and Hadrut (Hadrout). As a result, a total of 14,400 people are affected. According to ACT Alliance member, the Armenian Inter-Church Charitable Round Table Foundation (ART), the majority of the population in the affected territories has been evacuated to the regional centres. People fleeing the conflict have been left with nothing but only the clothes they wear; and most of them also without documents.