Horn and East Africa: Emergency response, early recovery and resilience building for drought affected population in Somalia, Kenya, and Ethiopia – HEA221

The Horn of Africa is experiencing one of its most severe droughts in recent history, with more than 15 million people acutely food insecure in three affected countries of Somalia, Kenya, and Ethiopia.

The drought could be catastrophic for people and livestock. The key gaps are poor access to food, safe water, basic education, support for livelihoods, psychosocial, and protection (due to migration of affected Households).

Within the three countries, the drought has affected food security, trade, labor, and migration. Women are affected by a lack of access to food and safe water and children are susceptive to high rates of mortality and mobility due to malnutrition, and reduced access to quality food. Animals have lost their lives due to a lack of pasture and water.

The current drought is already historic in its length and severity, and forecast models are now signaling an elevated likelihood that the Oct-Dec 2022 short rain seasons will also be below average (OCHA, May 2022).

ACT Alliance members in Somalia, Kenya, and Ethiopia have raised a regional Horn and East Africa appeal in response to the drought.

HEA 221 Response to Drought

HEA221 Consolidated Results Framework