Honduras and Nicaragua Emergency Response to Hurricanes Eta and Iota in Central America CAM201


Response and recovery due to impacts of the Hurricanes ETA & IOTA in Honduras and Nicaragua


Honduras and Nicaragua have been hit by 2 consecutive Hurricanes  in a 15 days period starting in November 1st and ending by the 18TH of November. The hurricanes were named Eta and Iota.


Nicaragua,was the entry point for both hurricanes. On November 3, Hurricane Eta hits between Bilwi and Haulover in the northern Caribbean, as a category 4 hurricane. On November 16th Iota made landfall, affecting areas that remained flooded due to the first event.



In Honduras  Hurricanes ETA & IOTA affected the north-western and Atlantic coast between the first and third week of November 2020 .750,000 families in the most vulnerable areas have been affected. The Valley of Sula was highly affected and remained isolated. This is the economic core of the country.


In a region already hit by protracted crisis such a migration and the recent economic and health impact of Covid 19; this Appeal aims at the response and recovery in both countries and will focus on  the following sectors: Shelter, Non-food items, Food Security, WASH, protection and Psychosocial wellness, Cash transfer.


The requesting Members are: CASM ,OCDIH, ASONOG (Honduras), ILFE, CIEETS, CEPAD, Federación Luterana Mundial (Nicaragua).

The Appeal Target is :$ 1,172,360


Appeal Honduras and Nicaragua Hurricanes Eta and Iota CAM201