Occupied Palestinian Territory: Humanitarian Response to the Protracted Crisis – PSE 191

A protracted protection crisis continues in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT), which remains largely attributable to Israel’s ongoing occupation (UN OCHA 2019). For the first time, the ACT Appeal for the OPT was developed from a lens that understands the differences between Gaza and the West Bank in terms of humanitarian impact and scale of needs, but with a strong recognition of the shared and broader needs of the Palestinian people. The ACT Palestine Forum was organized using the same analysis, and Forum coordination is proactively managed between Jerusalem and Gaza despite access and mobility issues. This Appeal is an expression of the Forum’s desire to make direct operational links between the two areas and strengthen its existing platform for coordination, learning, and resourcing across the two areas.

PSE191 Appeal – Humanitarian Response to the Protracted Crisis in the OPT